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In case you were not already aware, Parents Empowering Parents (commonly known as PEP) is a non profit program who’s sole purpose is: to empower parents by teaching them skills to improve quality of life while raising a child with a bleeding disorder.  Simple.  However, that simple purpose requires great effort.  PEP tirelessly works to pursue the following:

1) A long-sustained partnership with Bayer, which supports PEP trained professionals and parent peers to offer the program to parents of children with bleeding disorders offer in their local areas.

2) PEP is designed to offer relevant, evidenced-based content and materials, while encouraging parental insight to bolster a parent’s confidence and a professional’s knowledge-base about issues related to parenting and family management when rearing the child with a bleeding disorder.

3) The integrity of PEP centers on a parent-to-parent peer approach to programming. PEP provides national and international train-the-trainers programs to prepare professionals to become PEP Trained Facilitators as well training parents who have been through a PEP program to equip them to deliver the most comprehensive, supportive and insightful local PEP program possible.

After more than 20 years of serving the bleeding disorder community, PEP prides itself in having successfully trained, supported and strengthened over 3000 parents and professionals across the USA and globe. PEP is a pillar in the bleeding disorder community, known for being a solid, evidence based, best practices supportive resource for parents, families and professionals.

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