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In case you were not already aware, Parents Empowering Parents (commonly known as PEP) is a non profit program who’s sole purpose is: to help parents become better parents amidst the difficulties of raising a child with a bleeding disorder.  Simple.  However, that simple purpose requires great effort.  PEP tirelessly works to pursue the following:

1) PEP creates and sustains invaluable partnerships with entities such as Bayer Healthcare, so as to be able to offer local grant opportunities to eligible communities so that parents can access local parent education seminars  and support groups that will enhance their parenting knowledge, skills, and abilities specific to a parenting the child with a bleeding disorder.

2) PEP has written (and continues to write) relevant, evidenced-based manuals and materials, while additionally referencing the best parent-education literature that bolsters a parent and professional’s knowledge base about parenting and family management amidst rearing the child with a bleeding disorder.  PEP offers these materials at local PEP seminars and at our annual Train The Trainers, and we aim to have even more PEP materials available outside of our programs and trainings.

3) PEP provides national and international annual trainings for professionals and parents to become PEP Trained Facilitators so as to train and equip those trainees to ultimately deliver the most comprehensive, supportive and insightful local PEP program possible.

After 20 years of serving the bleeding disorder community, PEP prides itself in having successfully trained, supported and strengthened nearly 2000 parents and professionals. PEP is a pillar in the bleeding disorder community, known for being a solid, nurturing and supportive resource for parents, families and professionals.

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