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Whether you are a social worker, nurse, psychiatrist, program coordinator, or doctor serving the bleeding disorder community, Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) can help you support and team with your patients and their families!  At its inception, PEP was created by a Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) social worker whose goal to help enhance a parent’s ability to parent their child with a bleeding disorder towards successfully transitioning them into an independent productive adulthood. A secondary goal was to bridge potential gaps between HTC staff and patients (and the patient’s parents/family).  PEP research and data supports that we have seen success in accomplishing the aforementioned these nearly 20 years!

In the USA, since 1996, 500 social workers, nurses, psychiatrists, program coordinators, doctors and/or parents or family members of children with Hemophilia, have brought PEP to their local areas.

PEP provides professionals opportunities to strengthen and empower both parent and child as they confront the challenges inherent in managing their life altering bleeding disorder.

PEP routinely receives positive feedback (Testimonies can be found in ????? _____ Tab) from professionals and parents describing how useful, applicable and powerful PEP has been for them. Nearly 2000 parents have participated in a local PEP. Across the Globe, PEP is also currently operational in thirteen (13) countries.

Specific PEP program sessions that are in the PEP Program include:

1) The Basics of Bleeding Disorders

2) Child Development

3) Strengthening Skills for Parenting

4) Applying Your Parenting Style

5) You and Your World View

6) How Thoughts and Feelings Affect Parenting

7) The Role of Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence in Parenting

8) Understanding the Process of Communication

9) Moving Forward

For more information bringing PEP to parents at your HTC or Chapter, please complete the application form on this website, or contact us via email at