Just For Parents


Parents need PEP! Whether you are parenting a child with severe, moderate, or mild Hemophilia, or parenting a daughter with von Willebrand’s disease, PEP is for all parents and families confronting the challenges of raising a child while managing a serious, life-threatening bleeding disorder.  Of the hundreds of parents who have had the opportunity to attend a local PEP, parents have been pleased to experience positive peer-to-peer education grounded in evidence- and strength’s-based parenting strategies, while being facilitated toward increased knowledge and nurtured and supported alongside of other parents confronting similar struggles.  Parents routinely say that PEP has positively “changed their lives” and helped connect them to other parents as well as enhanced their relationship with professionals in their HTC.  More than 1000 parents around the world have benefitted from participating in a local PEP program thanks primarily to grants secured through Bayer Healthcare.


PEP’s OBJECTIVES are as follows:

  • Increase the parent’s understanding of her/his child’s bleeding disorder
  • Provide the parent with the skills necessary to effectively parent the child at the earliest age possible
  • Heighten the parent’s ability to respond objectively and consistently to bleeding episodes and behavioral issues at the same time
  • Enhance the therapeutic relationship between parent, child and treatment staff

The BENEFITS of PEP for parents are as follows:

  • Builds on and enhances existing parenting abilities and helps to make every day easier for both parents and children
  • Fosters an extremely supportive environment that allows parents to meet other parents and caregivers
  • Relationships often continue long after the formal PEP sessions have ended

Parenting is already difficult, but compound it with a child having a complicated disease makes it even more challenging.  However, parents who have found PEP tend to regain a sense of focus, hope and confidence as they confront and manage the difficulties of life and parenting a child with a bleeding disorder.  We hope you’re the next parent that finds PEP!


For more information on either how to bring PEP to your local bleeding disorder community or how to become a PEP Trained Facilitator, please contact us at the following:                               248-952-4PEP                                                                                                                 PEP.Suzanne@gmail.com


Sponsorship funding provided by Bayer