Parent Resources

PEP has been developed for all parents and families confronting the challenges of raising a child with a Hemophilia or vonWillebrand’s disease diagnosis as well as other serious inherited bleeding disorders.

Of the hundreds of parents who have had the opportunity to attend a local PEP, parents have reported being pleased to experience positive peer-to-peer education grounded in evidence-strength’s-based parenting strategies, while being facilitated toward increasing their knowledge and parenting skills. While being nurtured and supported alongside other parents confronting similar struggles, parents report that PEP has positively “changed their lives” and helped connect them to other parents as well as enhancing their relationships with professionals in their HTC.

Parenting is already difficult, but compound it with a child having a complicated disease makes it even more challenging.  However, parents who have found PEP tend to regain a sense of focus, hope and confidence as they confront and manage the difficulties of life and parenting their child with a bleeding disorder.  We hope you’re the next parent that finds PEP!


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