“We so needed this.  We repeatedly talked about how valuable this is for parents when we’d return to our hotel room.  It provides information, professionals and parents to ask questions to, and a community of support.  It was our first time meeting anyone else that had children with Hemophilia.”Mother of a child with Hemophilia, Salt Lake City, Utah

“When I took the PEP tools home, I began to see almost immediate changes!”- Mother of a son with Hemophilia, Michigan

“PEP eased my parenting fears, gave me the opportunity to strengthen my parenting skills and improved my confidence as a parent.”– Robyn Davis, Parent

“We learned a lot and were able to have some really great discussions about these parenting things and especially how they relate to parenting our child with Hemophilia.  I also really liked connecting to and meeting others with Hemophiliac children.  Discussing what challenges and things they have to overcome was so great and super helpful!! I LOVED IT!! Thank you! Thank you!”- Mother of a child with Hemophilia, Salt Lake City, Utah

“It really helps to hear from other parents point of view, and the material given is a great guideline to the parents.”– Mother with a child with Hemophilia

“The most useful part of the PEP program for me was listening to experiences from other parents.  The PEP material was useful for stimulating that discussion.”– Parent

“Hearing and sharing stories with other parents via the discussion was invaluable.”  – Father with a child with Hemophilia

“PEP changed our lives!”- Parent from the Detroit Metro Area, MI.

“It has been amazing to see how beneficial the PEP program has been to strengthening our families as well as how PEP has impacted on our treatment relationship with families that have attended a PEP; it has been such an enhancement to the parent, child and HTC staff relationships.”- HTC Nurse

“We set goals at the beginning of the conference of what we wanted to take away from it at the end… I personally think we came away with more than we had ever expected.”- Mother of 2 sons with Hemophilia, Tennessee

“I learned better ways to parent and discipline my son and therefore how to give my son a better, more secure upbringing.  I met people who were not of my social circle, yet, they became my confidants.  I made lifelong friendships and truly felt that I was among family by the end of the program.”- Mother of a son with Hemophilia, Detroit, MI.

“I did not know what to expect and now I feel like I have made some connections with my wife and other couples who are experiencing the same thing.”- Father of a child with a bleeding disorder, Salt Lake City, Utah





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