PEP1 is an established, outcomes based, well-known and respected intervention program in the bleeding disorder’s community.

PEP1 is an educational and psychosocial intervention program offering medical information while addressing the psychosocial challenges parents face with their children living with a bleeding disorder. PEP1 introduces and provides skills and tools that are designed to help parents adjust to diagnosis while raising their child to become independent, self-confident, productive, empowered adults.

To bring the PEP1 to a locale, HTCs or Chapters may request or are invited to schedule  a PEP1 program for their local center via the PEP website or by directly contacting PEP Central Operations. Central Operations will coordinate logistics with requesting entities to arrange for members of the National PEP Mentoring Team to deliver the PEP program to the requesting local area.

PEP1 has been in the USA bleeding disorder’s community since 1996 thanks to the continuing support of Bayer Pharmaceuticals. It provides both the program and Bayer opportunities for first contact with parents of diagnosed patients.