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From a psychosocial perspective, parents are most often emotionally devastated, upset, and thrown into grief upon receiving their child’s diagnosis. These feelings can have a profound affect on a parent’s parenting behaviors.

Whether you are a social worker, nurse, psychiatrist, program coordinator, or doctor serving the bleeding disorder community, the PEP program provides treatment centers and chapters the opportunity to support parents to better understand their feelings, to develop skills and knowledge, while providing them other psychosocial opportunities that aim to strengthen relationships with their child’s treatment medical care team and in fact become more involved IN it.

Eligibility to request PEP programming –

  • HTCs that are
    • Serving patients with bleeding disorders
    • Affiliated with a federally registered HTC or a recognized Chapter
  • HTCs must have interest from a key professional staff member, i.e.: a social worker or nurse) who will volunteer to take the key local leadership role in working with PEP Central operations to bring PEP to their parents.
    • Submit PEP request application on website
    • Recruit local parents and attendees
    • Host the PEP program
    • Provide a meeting room for 2 ½ day program
    • Provide food
  • HTCs will be given the option for their local nurse to teach Bleeding Disorders 101
    • All other parts of the program will be taught by a National PEP Team

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