About PEP

Based upon CDC data, 482 new diagnoses of hemophilia were made in 2017 in the USA.

PEP offers hope and useful parenting programs and tools in light of all the uncertainties of parenting a child with a chronic bleeding disorder. Our goals are to:

#1 – work in partnership with local Hemophilia Treatment Centers and Chapters to bring the program to parent’s confidence and a professional’s knowledge-base about issues related to parenting and family management when rearing the child with a bleeding disorder.

#2 – offer relevant, evidenced-based content and materials, while encouraging parental insight that can bolster a parent’s confidence through a professional and peer knowledge about issues related to parenting and family management while rearing the child with a bleeding disorder.

#3 – provide national and international programs that are presented by trained professionals and parent peers who teach the program with logistical support from the local area.

With more than 21 years serving the bleeding disorder community, PEP prides itself in having successfully trained, supported and strengthened over 3000 parents and professionals across the USA and globe. PEP is a pillar in the bleeding disorder community, known for being a solid, evidence based, best practices, supportive resource for parents, families and professionals.

PEP is sponsored by Bayer Pharmaceuticals and is owned and managed by Energizing and Empowering Minds, a 501-c-3 non-profit organization.